Ha! I'm done early today. Mostly because I spent a large chunk of my day at home waiting for a delivery person to show up. So, I tried a time lapse out back. The camera stopped before I wanted it to and I'm guessing that's because the memory card ran out of space. I'll either have to get a bigger memory card or decrease the file size of the images. hmmmmm


Yeah, yeah, this makes the third time sharing the same photo. But, I learned to do something new with it. So, here it is again. It's hosted on Instagram, which I can't really plug in here. Head over to Instagram and look for a spinning tiny planet video.

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OMG did I get confused. This isn't the project I set out to do tonight because the one I wanted to do required a $400 Ae plugin that I'm not willing, or ready, to buy. So, I did part of this one. I'm just gonna say that it's done and know I'm going to bed.