Yes, I know. I'm behind with uploading to this project. I'm not upset about it, though. January 20th kinda hit me like a brick, and, as I said over on the blog, the internet has been kind of ugly since. I frequently don't feel like interneting when I get home from work (where I internet all day). I think I can slog through it now.

I've got another little cunumdrum. Work content. I know I said that it would count but some of it has actually been used by the job. Sharing expirments I did at work seems okay to me, but sharing things that have actually seen the light of day (or the internet) seems a little iffy to me. I'm getting really good at car photos, too. *sigh* Idk. Thoughts?

Okay, back to the task at hand. I'm uploading these but in no particular order. I didn't label them accordingly and I don't care to figure out which order they go in. I'll just upload a few a day until I'm caught up. Today, more tiny planets. Did I say I was done with these? I might have. I like them. This is the same photo. One was done in PS the other in an app. Which do you like better?


Sister One was fascinated with the tiny planet photos I shared with our little sibbling texting group. She wanted to see what they would look like with tall things closer to the camera. She also wondered what it would look like with the camera, say, in some tall grass. So, I took a couple while I was at Silver Springs today. This one doesn't really look all that different.


Yeah, yeah, this makes the third time sharing the same photo. But, I learned to do something new with it. So, here it is again. It's hosted on Instagram, which I can't really plug in here. Head over to Instagram and look for a spinning tiny planet video.

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I really didn't want to get outta bed this morning. I had a fall asleep problem last night so I ended up sleeping in a bit. I wanted to stop by our town square this morning, before work, for some pictures. I also wanted to checkout the view from the top of a new parking garage. Since I didn't get up early, I figured this meant a late start at work, which means a later finish to work. I ended up clocking in at 9:15, which means I can leave by 5:15. Not near as late as I thought. And I got at least two new things done!

Ocala Town Square

Ocala Town Square