284 What Kind of Car?

Let’s talk about cars. Personally, I drive a gas saving Prius and a gas guzzling RAM truck. They offset each other and because I drive the Prius more days out of the week than the truck, I don’t really spend that much on fuel.

Wait. No. I meant The Cars.

The Cars are an American rock (really? New wave, maybe?) band formed in 1976. Their self titled debut album hit the record stores in 1978. With songs like “Good Times Roll,” “My Best Friend’s Girl,” and “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight” the album was a success for the band. While I remember many of these songs from my youth, they are not the first songs I think of when it comes to The Cars. The ones that standout for me came in 1984 (“Drive” and “You Might Think”). This is still a fun album.

Elektra, 1978