282 Muddy Waters

Folk Singer is Muddy Waters fourth studio album released in 1964. Doesn’t look like it sold that well but it received critical acclaim. It’s an acoustic album that tried to appeal to fans of folk music with the title. I dunno. This is another one that I listened to during my road trip and it didn’t help that much. I mean, yeah, it’s the blues and it feels like it but I just couldn’t get into it.

Chess Records, 1964

348 Muddy Waters

Blues is fun. Do I really need to say more?

At Newport 1960 by Muddy Waters was recorded live at the Newport Jazz Festival in Rhode Island. According to Wiki, it is “said to be one of the first live blues albums.” The performance “helped popularize blues to a broader audience, especially to whites” (also from Wiki). The album never charted but was a critical success.

Idk, it’s blues. It’s fun. Get up and boogie, even if you don’t know how.

Chess, 1960

Chess, 1960