List of Likes

A few Sundays ago, I sat at my computer creating all the posts for the week and scheduling them to post early on the mornings of the days I wanted them to go live. My scheduler would then suck them into an RSS feed and I could plan the distro of said content from there. I only had one hiccup. It turns out, my scheduler’s RSS feed checks for content at 3 AM UTC. My content was going live around 5 AM EST. So, the links ended up get unleashed on the world over 24 hours after they had gone live. This irritated me. It still does. If I want the RSS feed to make my life easier, content has to go live on the site the night before and then scheduled the next morning. hmmm.

Also, I wasn’t sure what to do with Friday. I thought about going back to my fun little rants like I’ve done on other sites but I’m just not feeling rants these days. There’s too much to rant about and, sometimes, it requires too much research. At least, more research then I want to do for a Friday post. How ‘bout something fun? Okay, maybe the occasional rant but this week how ‘bout some things that I’m enjoying? For this particular list of likes will go back a few weeks.

  1. Eminem. Wanna good rant? Eminem dropped one that vocalizes what a bunch of people are feeling. I’ve embedded it here.
  2. The Wire. Yeah, that old HBO show about Baltimore. I’m usually late to these types of shows because I wait for them to be streaming some place. I don’t know how long it’s been available but I just started streaming it on Amazon. It’s interesting.
  3. Mindhunter. I took a break from The Wire to stream this one in its entirety. It’s about the formation of the Behavioral Science Unit, or whatever it’s called, at the FBI. It’s based on a book by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. The first episode was a little weak but the second episode will hook you.
  4. Bed Extender. I got one for my truck. Finally. I don’t know why these aren’t that popular in The South but the normal place I go to for truck accessories wouldn’t get me one. I don’t go to them anymore. I gots a new place.
  5. Bookstore trip. I took myself to the bookstore and bought some books. If that statement isn’t enough for you, then you will never understand any further explanation.
  6. The Rules of Magic. I bought a couple of books but this is what I went to the bookstore for. It’s a prequel to Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic. Yes, Practical Magic was a book first. It’s very different then the movie. This books is about the Aunts. I’m 13 pages in as I type this post and I love it.That could change.
  7. Coffee mug. My boss won’t let me use it at work. Whatever.
  8. It’s candy corn season. YAY!
  9. Moviepass. This is a service that I had heard about previously but refused to join because of the price. It’s, basically, Netflix but for actually going to the movies vice having them sent to your house. It used to be around $40 a month for unlimited movies. The price has dropped. Drastically. It’s now about $10. I don’t go to a lot of movies because I hat paying $16 - $20 a pop for a shitty movie. $10 a month for all the shitty movies I can tolerate seems doable. We’ll see. I haven’t gotten my card yet so I’ll let you know how it works out. More info here.

Well, that’s all I got for now. What have you been enjoying lately?

My new coffee mug that has been banned from work. 

My new coffee mug that has been banned from work. 


I had been toying with the idea of reflections on sunglasses. I wanted to change the reflection on a pair of sunglasses to seem more interesting. Sunday, my neighbor accidently presented me with the perfect photo to manipulate. It was a selfie that she had taken while in her car. It was mostly a very cool selfie but the reflection on her sunglasses gave away the reality of the photo. Car, dashboard, road. Boring. My neighbor loves the beach. So, I made the necessary changes. I'm not 100% with it. But, it's done.

📸 cred: my neighbor

📸 cred: my neighbor


I hate my bank account. So, I rented a Canon 5D Mark IV. Day 1 is, of course, my dog and flowers from the yard. Jasmine this time.


People seem to think that the camera matters. They don't wanna start projects because they don't have the gear they think they need. Don't worry about what gear someone else uses. Start with what you have. This photo was taken on my iPhone with the damn Snapchat app, then cropped in the Apple Photo app. Just start.