286 More Al Green

Look who’s back. Back again. It’s Al Green. My house didn’t get cleaned this time. I’m Still in Love with You is the fifth studio album from Al Green, released in 1972. This one came after Let’s Stay Together and Rolling Stone claims this one is an “even more sensual experience.” I think Rolling Stone hasn’t gotten laid in a while. Or maybe I haven’t. I dunno. I didn’t find there to be anything sensual about it. It’s a decent album but I’m not really sure when I’d want to listen to it. It’s not really chill, not really, well, anything else. Whatever.

Hi, 1972

290 Al Green

Call Me, released in 1973, is Al Green’s sixth album. Wiki claims that it is “widely regarded as Green’s masterpiece.” I have no idea if this is true or not. I don’t know much (anything) about Al Green. There was nothing on this album that I had ever heard before but I thought it good butt shaking, house cleaning kind of music. Seriously, I felt like cleaning my house. I hate cleaning.

Hi, 1973