I had been toying with the idea of reflections on sunglasses. I wanted to change the reflection on a pair of sunglasses to seem more interesting. Sunday, my neighbor accidently presented me with the perfect photo to manipulate. It was a selfie that she had taken while in her car. It was mostly a very cool selfie but the reflection on her sunglasses gave away the reality of the photo. Car, dashboard, road. Boring. My neighbor loves the beach. So, I made the necessary changes. I'm not 100% with it. But, it's done.

📸 cred: my neighbor

📸 cred: my neighbor


I hate my bank account. So, I rented a Canon 5D Mark IV. Day 1 is, of course, my dog and flowers from the yard. Jasmine this time.


People seem to think that the camera matters. They don't wanna start projects because they don't have the gear they think they need. Don't worry about what gear someone else uses. Start with what you have. This photo was taken on my iPhone with the damn Snapchat app, then cropped in the Apple Photo app. Just start.