Ray Charles & New Library Cards

I had to drive to the county next door to mine recently for a library card, and I listened to The Genius of Ray Charles by Ray Charles on my way home. I’m hoping by now that you’re wondering two things: Why the road trip for a library card and how was the Ray Charles album? I’ll answer both.

I now have two library cards. The first is for my own county’s library system, which seems to hate having a robust digital library. Yes, it grants us access to ebooks and audiobooks, but the selection isn’t that great. A few years ago, a librarian friend of mine suggested checking with other counties in my state to see what they offered and how much their library cards are for non-county residents. It might be a cheaper option than an audible subscription. My friend was correct. I found several counties in Florida that have much more extensive library systems and more content, especially digital content. I was tempted to drive to Duval County (Jacksonville) for their $40 library card when I discovered that the county to the north of mine allows ALL Florida residents to have a free library card. So, I’ll give it a shot for a while and see if it meets all my needs. If it does, my audible account it targeted to be Thanos’d.

Ray Charles entertained me on the trip back. The Genius of Ray Charles currently resides at number 265 on the Rolling Stone list. This particular album feels very big-band to me. It reminded me of the days of my youth when we visited my mom’s family in Ohio. Grandpa always had big, old Caddy’s and listened to big-band music. It’s a fun album. I’m not sure the backroads of Florida do it justice, but it made the trip more enjoyable.