277 The Return of Ms. Jackson

This is sooooo, totally, 1989.

Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 dropped in September 1989. It was her fourth studio album. Much of the subject matter, if not all, is still relevant today. I don’t think I ever listened to the entire album at the time of its release. It isn’t really what I listened to at the time. Still isn’t. Looking at the track listing, I only recognize three songs, out of 20! There was a fourth that I recognized upon hearing it. It appears to have been a critical and commercial success for Jackson. She received nine Grammy Award nominations, including becoming the first female artist to be nominated for Producer of the Year. I don’t know how well it has held up. The songs I recognize are pretty much the only ones I like. Although, I’m not racing to make sure they are in my personal music library. I don’t mean to imply that I didn’t like the rest of the album. I understand that some of the lyrics are bigger than me and not for me. I appreciate that. Ms. Jackson had something to say and it still resonates.

A&M Records, 1989