289 The One Without Lola

“Lola” is the only thing that comes to mind when someone says The Kinks within ear shot of me, so Something Else by The Kinks came as a little bit of a surprise. Something Else was released in 1967 and is The Kinks fifth studio album. Rolling Stone says that “it tanked in the US.” It doesn’t look like it did that well in the UK, either. I listened to it while trimming a hedge in my backyard. It reminds me of the Beatles. Not so much the lyrics, but just the overall sound. Maybe the trimmer was drowning out something important. I dunno.

I kinda think Something Else has also been ruined by corporate greed or something. This is another album that is difficult to find with only its original track listing. It is now a two disc, 30+ song, wtf am I listen to, when will it end, monster. The original album had 13 songs on it. I listened to the original 13, plus a few extra before I realized I was about to get a bunch of some record labels money grab. If you can find the original and you like things that sound like the Beatles, it is fun.

Reprise, 1968