296 Meat is Murder

I listened to The Smiths, Meat Is Murder (1985), while on a cruise ship circling itself off the cost of the Bahamas before heading back to Orlando. It seemed kind of fitting as the ship wasn’t very vegetarian friendly, even less so vegan. Luckily, I was only on board for 3 days. Meat is Murder is the band’s second studio album and was the sole number one album in the UK while the band was together. There were different track listings for the UK and US release. The US release originally included “How Soon Is Now?”. The song was added to the post-1992 UK re-issues, but the album was remastered in 2011 and returned to its original UK track listing.

I enjoyed this one in a mellow, swaying in the ocean kind of way. I might have taken a nap after listening to it. Anything that helps me take a nap is a favorite.

Sire, 1985