300 Is this the 4:20 anthem?

Well, looky looky! About a month shy of 2 years and I finally hit number 300. I scrolled through my journalling program and looked at the dates for when I wrote these posts. I wrote the rules on May 26, 2014 and within a month my mother was in the hospital and my world started to shift. There have been some long breaks in this project, mostly due to depressive episodes. I don’t currently feel a depression settling in, but I never do. I don’t really realize it’s happening until I start to match my couch or all of a sudden I have a good day. Anyhoo, that’s what is going on today. Let’s get on to Black Sabbath. Fitting, yes?

I can’t say that I’ve been much of a Black Sabbath fan, ever. I mean, I don’t hate them or anything. They’ve just always been that thing that Ozzy did before Ozzy did Ozzy. They are supposed to be the “pioneers of heavy metal” and, sure, I guess. Doesn’t mean I have to care about them. Right? Anyway, Master of Reality dropped in July 10971, and was Sabbath’s third studio album. Wiki tells me that it’s “regarded as the foundation of doom metal, stoner rock, and sludge metal.” What’s sludge metal? I dunno, Wiki had a link to explain sludge metal but I came away from that still not knowing. Master of Reality was Black Sabbath’s first top 10 album in the US and the only one for some 40ish years until they dropped 13 in 2013.

I listened to this on an evening jaunt around the neighborhood and I can’t say that I remember much about it. I think there was one song on it that I had heard but didn’t know it was Sabbath. And, now that I’m looking at the track listing, I have know idea which song that was. Yup, left that big of an impression. I dunno. I guess I’m a bad metal fan.