302 Public Enemy is not a Joke

I was in high school when Public Enemy dropped Fear of a Black Planet (1990). I didn’t get it. I still don’t but it’s not for me. Other than the big clocks and jokes about 911, the big thing I remember about Public Enemy is the claim that it wasn't music. Well, it wasn’t just Public Enemy. Hip hop in general was not considered music. I don’t remember if Public Enemy was considered “gangsta rap.” I’ve grown uncomfortable with the phrase “gangsta rap.” Now it just seems like some derogatory thing to say about music that wasn’t understood by white people. I never listened to the entire album back in the ‘90s. I only saw the videos on MTV. I’m sure I toed the line when I was a kid. I’m sorry for that. Not only because I realize I was wrong but also because it’s takin me this long to hear some good music. I still don’t get it but it’s still not for me. And it’s a glimpse into something that I can try to understand. Give it a listen.