Yes, I know. I'm behind with uploading to this project. I'm not upset about it, though. January 20th kinda hit me like a brick, and, as I said over on the blog, the internet has been kind of ugly since. I frequently don't feel like interneting when I get home from work (where I internet all day). I think I can slog through it now.

I've got another little cunumdrum. Work content. I know I said that it would count but some of it has actually been used by the job. Sharing expirments I did at work seems okay to me, but sharing things that have actually seen the light of day (or the internet) seems a little iffy to me. I'm getting really good at car photos, too. *sigh* Idk. Thoughts?

Okay, back to the task at hand. I'm uploading these but in no particular order. I didn't label them accordingly and I don't care to figure out which order they go in. I'll just upload a few a day until I'm caught up. Today, more tiny planets. Did I say I was done with these? I might have. I like them. This is the same photo. One was done in PS the other in an app. Which do you like better?