321 the one I missed

I feel like a jackass for missing this one, especially after reading about Nick Drake.

I’m gonna guess that if you listen to Pink Moon by Nick Drake, you’re gonna quickly start to think that you’ve heard this guy before. You might be surprised to learn that he died in 1974 (suicide) at the age of 26. He was not popular at the time but by the 1980s he was being cited as an influence by several bands, including The Cure (who got their name from a Nick Drake lyric). The Dream Academy wrote and dedicated “Life in a Northern Town” to Drake.

So, where would you have heard Nick Drake? Practical Magic. That cute little magic movie with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman (based on the novel by Alice Hoffman). He’s on the soundtrack with a song called “Black Eyed Dog,” which was not released until 1987.

Anyway, Drake tried to live with major depression and this is evident in his music. I really like his music. Pink Moon is mostly just Drake and his guitar. I dunno. It’s pretty, yet sad, and I love it. Strongly recommend this one, especially if you’re a fan of The Cure.

Island Records, 1972

Island Records, 1972