CF: The Hunt for Toothpaste

When I started my cruelty free journey there were several products that I was not looking forward to replacing. These were mostly products that I had used for many years. Lancome, for example. I’ve use Lancome moisturizers for many years, and finding a moisturizer that is just perfect takes a lot of testing and buying product that one ends up not liking. I’ve used St. Ives Skin Renewing Collagen Elastin Body Lotion for I don’t even know how long. I’ve been a Crest kid since I learned how to brush my teeth. Crest, Lancome, and St. Ives where the Big Three products that I haven’t been looking forward to replacing, but I didn’t have to replace them soon. The jar of Lancome I have lasts forever, or will at least get me through most of the year and possibly even into next year. Same goes for the giant bottle of St. Ives sitting on the vanity in my room. I had a small stock pile of the Crest toothpaste I preferred, along with three small bottles that my mom had stock piled.

Mom was a fan of those Crest bottles. Have you seen those? I’m not sure Crest still makes them. They were about 4 ounces of Crest liquid gel. I don’t remember which flavor they were. I was never a big fan of them, but since I wasn’t just throwing things away I thought I’d use them up and then go look for new toothpaste.

And then, I used them.

Did you know toothpaste has an expiration date? I never thought about this issue. See, my mom would routinely go to the Navy base in Jacksonville to do some errands. We bank at a Navy Federal across the street from the base, so she would go do whatever banking she needed to do and then go to the Commissary on the base to buy some bulk items for our local Humane Society. She would also pick things up for herself. Cat food, toilet paper, laundry detergent, fabric softener, stuff like that. She wouldn’t necessarily make a list of things she actually needed, she would just wing it. This is resulted in me learning things like: fabric softener solidifies and toothpaste expires. The solidifying fabric softener story can wait for another day (if it needs to be told at all), today, expired toothpaste and the hunt for cruelty free toothpaste.

I wanna say that it was back in March that I cracked open the first bottle of mom’s toothpaste. I didn’t like it. The taste of it was fine, but the clean teeth feeling didn’t last long. Like, it only lasted about half-an-hour. And after that time had passed, it felt like I hadn’t brushed at all. It was day three of this when I finally really looked at the bottle for an expiration date. All three bottles were, at least two years past their expiration date. Nice. I dumped the contents of all three, rinsed them out, and threw them in the recycling bin. Then, I headed for Publix.

Publix is my grocery store of choice. I’m not sure that it will remain my store of choice but, right now, it’s the go-to store. There weren’t many cruelty free choices for toothpaste. Actually, there was only one brand with two flavors. And, there was one little issue. The brand was called Jasön, the flavors are not relevant, the issue was fluoride. Neither of available flavors had fluoride. I’m not #TeamAntiFluoride. I like fluoride in my toothpaste. I did buy one tube because I wasn’t going to hunt down cruelty free fluoride toothpaste at 8 pm. My teeth felt much better after a good scrubbing.

A few days later, I made my way over to Earth Origins, the only natural grocery store in town. There I found many shelves of various brands of natural toothpaste, including Jasön with fluoride. I went with the Kiss My Face brand because they had the flavor I like best (with fluoride). My teeth are happy. I’m irritated. Not about the toothpaste, but now I can’t pick up everything I need at one store. I, suppose, I knew this would happen. I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly. *sigh*

Mom's toothpaste of choice. Not sure if they still make it.  

Mom's toothpaste of choice. Not sure if they still make it.