359 Get Back Honky Cat

What kind of music genre is Elton John the Queen of? He is the Queen of it, right?

Elton John has been around forever. There was only one album that I had on repeat during the ‘80s. I have no idea which one it was. I looked through his discography and tried to figure it out, but no joy. I’m leaning towards either Too Low for Zero or Breaking Hearts, but neither one of them look familiar or have all the songs I remember. I did look at compilation albums, but again, no joy.

Honky Château is John’s 5th studio release from 1972. It was the first of seven consecutive number one albums in the US for John. The album moved John to a more rock ’n’ roll style. The album was the first to feature his road band rather than session players. And, it is home to “Rocket Man.”

If you’re even a little bit of an Elton John fan then I’m sure you’d like this album. I don’t know that I’d ever listened to it before but it has that Elton John sound to it (if I’m reading correctly, it’s the origin of that Elton John sound) that we, or some of us at least, all love.