372 The Not Creepy Police

I remember a time when everyone loved the police and no one thought they were creepy. Wait, no, not the police. The Police. You know, that band from the U.K. fronted by Sting that watches every. single. breath. you. take. but doesn’t want you to stand so close to him? I’m sure that someone did think they were creepy back in the ‘80s, we just didn’t nationally recognize stalking as a thing, yet. Once that was a known thing, The Police was the stalkers official soundtrack.

Reggatta de Blanc is pre creepy Police. It was the second album from the band and holds their first two hits: “Message in a Bottle” and “Walking on the Moon” (my personal fav song from The Police). It’s a decent album and you can really hear the reggae influence. If I had bought this album in the ‘70s or early ‘80s, I wouldn’t have been mad because there were only two good songs.