373 Volunteers

I’ve been having wifi problems at my house. Cox Communications blames Apple, something about disabling IPv6 from the Air Port Utility. They claim the problem has been around since about March. I didn’t start having problems until mid-May. Basically, I have to reboot the network every 6 hours or so. Or right in the middle of streaming music, whichever happens first. Anyone heard of this problem?

Anyway, I got through Volunteers by Jefferson Airplane with only one Airport reboot. It was the band’s 5th studio album and final before band members started changing. There was a little controversy at the time because of anti-war messages and profanity in the lyrics (tame by today’s standards). The title of the album was also shortened from Volunteers of America because that’s an actual thing and they objected.

I can’t say that anything stood out for me about the album. I didn’t find any of the songs as powerful as earlier works. I did take a double listen when I thought I heard cursing. Not because I’m shocked from today’s standards but it isn’t really a thing you hear in music from the time. It seems I missed some of it, though. I did hear the line: “The human race doesn’t mean shit to a tree.” But I missed the “motherfucker” dropped in one of the songs.

The version available on iTunes has five live bonus tracks. I didn’t listen to them.