Mission Cruelty Free: Frist Steps

The first thing I did after deciding that I would, in fact, go cruelty free was to identify all the things in my house that weren’t cruelty free and which ones would have to be replaced the soonest. These were the products I would concentrate on first.

The first thing that I discovered was that my mom had stocked up on a lot of various products. It was going to be months before I needed things like toothpaste or dryer sheets. It’ might be years before I actually need any hand soap. My mom wasn’t a hoarder. We both have access to military bases and we used to make trips up to Jacksonville once a month to deposit coins in the coin machine at Navy Federal and then head to the base for the NEX and Commissary. At the Commissary, mom would buy bulk packages of paper towels and soap for our local Humane Society and then we buy out all the Fancy Feast Garden Blends cat food and iCat’s favorite treats (I forget what they’re called). Then, she would pick up other items like toothpaste, laundry soap, non perishable food items, and if we had brought a cooler with us, frozen foods.

I had originally thought that I wouldn’t throw anything away just to replace it. I would use it up and then replace with something else. I quickly had to make an exception to this rule. While cleaning out the makeup drawer, I realized that I had a lot of expired makeup. I couldn’t even give this stuff away as, some of it, was decades old. Into the trash it went and I started researching new brands. One of the sites that I have found helpful with this is Logical Harmony. The woman that runs the site seems to be diligent with her list of products. She even has lists of companies that she has reached out to and what the status is. If a company gets moved to the avoid list, she tells you why. Products on the approved list contain information on whether or not the product is vegan and if it is owned by a parent company that is not cruelty free. There is also a YouTube channel with product reviews and sometimes discount codes. The site is not limited to just makeup. Another good source is the Leaping Bunny certification. It’s the only certification out there for cruelty free products. PETA might be another source but I’ve talked to someone that found their list to be incorrect. Personally, I have found PETA to be a bit extreme in their tactics with companies that don’t agree with them 100%, so they are usually low on my list of sources.

I also signed up for a subscription box to try new products as I am not terribly makeup or skincare smart. I didn’t want to buy a bunch of product that I ended up not liking. So, I signed up for a petit vour beauty box. Not only are all these products cruelty free, they are also vegan. Other boxes I looked at that claimed cruelty free did not seem to pay attention to parent companies. Plus, it’s only $15 a month, which was the lowest I found.

So, yeah, one of the first things I did was throw a bunch of makeup away. I’m not going to go into detail about what products I switched to as makeup choices can be fairly personal. I will say that I have found a lot of smaller, independent companies making amazing, fun products. Also, Too Faced is awesome.