374 Roxy Music

I tried, again, to just listen to the next album. This time it was Roxy Music’s Siren and I laid on the floor of my office. Couple of things happened:

My dog came in from the other room to play. She’s an 8-pound chihuahua so anything that comes down to her level is exciting. Except the cats. They are bigger than her and generally consider her a nuisance.

My cats came over to glare at me in that special What The Fuck Are You Doing look that cats have. The eldest, demanded to be scratched and when I complied, he bit me. Asshole.

I got bored so I opened my iPad and gave a few SIMS some new tasks.

I realized that I need to vacuum the rug in my office and what the hell am I doing on the floor.

By the 5th song I was back in my chair reading up on Roxy Music, as I had also realized that Roxy Music is not what I thought. I dunno what I was expecting, maybe something more disco like. I’m not sure why I expected disco like music. All I really got out of it was a t-shirt covered in cat hair and the knowledge that Siren was Roxy Music’s fifth album and that’s Jerry Hall on the cover. Apparently, she hasn’t always been with Mick Jagger. Even more shocking was learning that she is now married to Rupert Murdoch. Ewwwww