Creep Intermission

And by creep, I mean Radiohead.

If you haven’t heard Radiohead has a new album out, or is about to have a new album out. Idk, A Moon Shaped Pool has been streaming on Apple Music for a few weeks so I’m not really sure when it’s supposed to be out. I wasn’t going to listen to it as I’m not a big Radiohead fan but a friend of mine asked for my opinion. The only thing I know about Radiohead is that they are a bunch of creeps. Creep is the only song by Radiohead that I can identify. I probably wouldn’t have even been aware of a new album if they hadn’t deleted all the content from their social media accounts which lead to trending topics on all of the social media sites I frequent. Something was up. Then an amazing stop motion video dropped for a song that was okay, Burn the Witch.

I road tested A Moon Shaped Pool last weekend. I drove up to Gainesville, which is just far enough away to listen to most albums these days. I can’t say I was impressed. It does seem like a pretty chill album and there were a few moments of, “hey, this is cool,” only to be quickly replaced with, “well, maybe not.” I decided to wait a few days and give it another listen.

Listen number two happened at home while I was working in my office a few days later. I’m still not excited about the album, but it’s growing on me. It seems like a well thought through album with themes and a cohesive structure to it. Something for a slow scenic drive, that will not score me a speeding ticket, at night, with the moon roof open. Or maybe relaxing in the grass, or a hammock, losing myself in the night sky. (I don’t have a hammock. I need a hammock. But, I live in a landlocked county of Florida so I’d only be able to use my hammock 2 or 3 days a year.)

Anyway, have you listened to A Moon Shaped Pool. Thoughts?

I’d like to take a Lemonade intermission, but I don’t have or want a Tidal account. Anyone got a login I can borrow?