381 Big fat nope to The Beach Boys

I don’t know that I’m skipping The Beach Boys. The album at number 381 on Rolling Stone’s list is the 2011 5-disc, unfinished ‘Smile.’ It’s 6+ hours of not finished songs. I don’t even like calling them songs. I’ve only listened to 40 tracks and many of them were nothing more than outtake tracks of the band recording the album. I suppose this is great stuff for Beach Boy fans or people that want to hear what it’s like to record an album. For the average listener, me, it’s mind numbing, gouge my ears out, boringness. I’m 40 songs in and I have 200 more to go. This album has blocked the progress of this project long enough. I’m skipping over the rest of it for now. Maybe I’ll come back to it. Maybe not