382 Not Getting to Church On Time

Every time I saw this album on my schedule, I starting singing to myself about getting to church on time. These guys have nothing to do with David Bowie. Sadly.

The Modern Lovers do have an interesting story. The original band was a thing from 1970 - 1974. It featured Jonathan Richman, Ernie Brooks, David Robinson, and Jerry Harrison. They had several offers for record deals and even recorded some tracks. Then Richman wanted to take a different approach to his songs and the band members clashed over it. They did record two albums before breaking up in 1974 but the albums weren't released until after 1976. Eventually, David Robinson left and later co-founded the Cars. Jerry Harrison left and bailed and later became part of Talking Heads. From 1976 - 1988 Richman used the name Modern Lovers for a few backing bands (think Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers).

The Modern Lovers was also the name of the debut album, which was recorded in 1971 and 1972 but wasn't released until 1976 (Berserkly). The album received critical reception and influenced many punk musicians. In 1986 the album was reissued with a bunch of bonus tracks. It was further remastered in 2003 with even more bonus tracks.

I only listened to the original 9 tracks. The only version I could find for streaming was the 2003 reissue. I don't like it. I'd rather get to the church on time.