392 Do Over

Shortly after I skipped over Let It Be (Apple, 1970) by the Beatles due to lack of streaming availability, everything by the Beatles became available for streaming. As much as I wanted to just keep skipping over the Beatles, I went back and listened to the album. I was not disappointed.

I don't like the Beatles.

Let It Be was the 12th and final studio album by the band and it was actually released after the band had broken up, by about one month. It's the Beatles so it was number one just about every place and there was a movie of the same name. I've read that it wasn't supposed to be their last album. It was recorded and scheduled to be released before Abby Road (1969). I don't know why it was released later. I don't care, either. There's a very long wiki page on the album and I'm sure it's covered extensively in some book but I'm not a Beatles fan. I don't care. A stripped down version of the album was released in 2003, which removed much of Phil Spector's production work and used different versions of songs. I didn't look to see if it was available for streaming. I'm reluctant to listen to it right now so that I can keep moving on the list. Maybe later.

I suppose I don't need to say that I didn't like the Let It Be. Well, I'm okay with the song Let It Be, but not the album. I do, also, like the song Get Back. Other than that, it's a big ol' nope.