448 Breaths

Before Puffy Daddy was missing you The Police were watching you, every single breath you take. Synchronicity (A&M, 1983) is the fifth and final studio album by the English band The Police. It was nominated for five Grammy Awards and won three. This album gave us “King of Pain,” “Walking in Your Footsteps,” “Wrapped Around Your Finger,” and what would become the stalkers anthem “Every Breath You Take” long before the term “stalker” was a term known the world over. I must not have ever owned a copy of Synchronicity because I don’t ever remember hearing “Mother.” I’m fairly certain if I had a cassette of Synchronicity, and let’s face it in 1983 that’s what I would of had, there would have been a lot of fast forwarding over ‘Mother.” That was just weird. I actually checked the computer to make sure Apple Music hadn’t screwed up and switched music on me.