447 Girls From Ipanema

Jazz. I don’t always get it. I kinda wish I did but for the most part I’m okay with not really being into it. We can’t all like everything, right?

Stan Getz was an American jazz saxophonist. Wiki tells me he is best known for popularizing bossa nova, as in the hit single “The Girl from Ipanema.” Compact Jazz (Verve, 1964) hits the Rolling Stone list at number 447 and says: “Brazilian bossa nova met American jazz, as saxman Getz t named up with guitarist-singer Gilberto and pianist-composer Antonio Carlos Jobim. Gilberto’s wife, Astrid, became a star herself with a sensual guest vocal on “The Girl from Ipanema.” Wiki says the album was released in the ‘90s. Rolling Stone says 1964. I dunno. It’s jazz. I don’t “get it.”