446 Motor City 5

I imagine there are going to be lots of bands on the Rolling Stone list that I have never heard of, or maybe I’m just not aware that I’ve heard of them. I know that I have never heard of MC5 (Motor City Five) and I can’t say that there is anything about Back in the USA (Atlantic, 1970) that would lead me to believe that I’ve ever heard their tunes. It seems they were innovators of the punk movement in the United State, at least according to Wiki they were. Rolling Stone says they “were the house band for the White Panther Party, devoted to ‘dope, guns and fucking in the streets.’” White Panther Party? Was that a real thing? Did Rolling Stone make that up for this list? Whatever. as much as I wish I could like punk, I’ve never been that into it and MC5 didn’t change my mind.