445 Flying Eagles

I think I was writing my little “review” of this album before I even started listening to it. Steve Miller Band is something I’m familiar with, Fly Like an Eagle (Capitol, 1976) extra so, probably thanks to my brother. It was released during a time when my mom was into that twangy country music of the ‘70s and I don’t ever remember my dad listening to anything other than NPR. That leaves my half brother. Had to be him. This album and the next one, Book of Dreams, are probably the best Steve Miller there is, at least for me. 

According to wiki, the Steve Miller Band are still out there doing whatever it is that they do. In 2014 they went on tour with fellow San Francisco band Journey. I’m not interested enough to check out their more recent album (Let Your Hair Down, 2011) but it’s kinda cool to know they are still dancing.