442 Pre Whip Its

I don’t know that this project is going to lead to any love for new bands. I’m hoping for, at a minimum, an appreciation of bands I’ve never heard of before. If anything, I’ve already learned a lot of band history. Devo, for example, formed in 1972 in Ohio. The can whip it and whip it good but not on ‘Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!’ (Warner Bros., 1978). “Whip It” is the song that earned Devo a cult following. It was a 1980 release and it got heavy airplay in the early days of MTV, back when MTV actually played music videos. Dev, apparently, was a pioneer of the music video. I can’t say that I ever saw one for anything other than “Whip It” but if Wiki says it, it must be true.

As I stated earlier, “Whip It”, is not on this album. Q was their debut album and all I can really say was that for 34ish minutes I sat at my computer thinking, “This is weird.” So, I’m not a Devo fan.