441 Experiments

Hmmmm I’m not sure where to start here or where to go once I’ve started. I guess I’ll start with the band: Suicide. An American electronic/electropunk duo that formed in 1970. According to Wiki they were never widely popular but were highly influential on synthpop, techno, and industrial dance of the ‘80s and ‘90s. ‘Suicide’ (Red Star, 1977) was the bands debut album. It failed to chart but the underground scene regarded it as a milestone. Currently, if you go to Apple Music to listen to it, it is about 15 songs long and clocks in at about an hour-and-a-half worth of music. Originally, it only had 7 songs and that’s all I listen to as Rolling Stone seems to refer to original albums. Regardless, my rules are to listen to the original album. I think experimental is the best term I can use for it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just different. I might have to ponder this one a while.