440 Celtic Punk Bands

The Pogues are a Celtic punk band that form in London in 1982. They have broken up at least once (1996) but reformed in 2001 and have been playing since but I’m not sure there has been a new album since. ‘Rum, Sodomy, & the Lash’ (MCA, 1985) comes in at number 440 on the Rolling Stone list. It is the second album from the band and the drummer, Andrew Ranken, said “it seemed to sum up life in our band.” The cover artwork is based on The Raft of Medusa with the band members’ faces replacing those of the men on the raft.

Although fun it is a fun listen, it seems to me that this is the kind of CD that I would buy after hearing the band live while on vacation in the UK and maybe listen to once or twice while reminiscing about said vacation.