459 Drifters

So, yeah, my mom died back in April. It wasn’t something that was expected even though she had some health issues over the last year. It should be surprising that I’ve been in a little funk ever since. I’ve been busy closing accounts, or changing accounts, figuring out home ownership, landed a part-time job, took a little vacation, whatever. I haven’t been reading much or doing anything artsy related. No motivation/inspiration. Whatever. I have come to the conclusion that I need to finish making the house mine now. Maybe the funk will leave when this stops being my parents house and is more to my taste than mom’s. Not that I won’t keep a few of her things but I hate lemon scented cleaning products so I got rid of all of those today. I did so while listening to The Drifters, ‘Golden Hits’ (Atlantic, 1968) rather loudly because the only people around to complain are a dog and two cats. And they don’t complain. 

Does anyone not like the golden oldies? Are they really golden? I dunno but ‘Golden Hits’ is all of The Drifters songs I’m familiar with and a few I’m not all in one place. Not that I’m going to rush out and, er, download the album. There’s a good chance it’s already in my mom’s iTunes collection and I will swipe it from there. 

Side note: This was to be my first album using Apple Music. Humorously, iTunes didn’t have the album and I listened to it on YouTube.