455 Surviving Wolves

Did you know that Los Lobos dates all the way back to 1984? Actually, a little further than that since How Will the Wolf Survive? (Slash/Warner Bros., 1984) wasn’t their first album (it was their first major label release. I don’t really know how to describe Los Lobos. Whoever wrote their Wikipedia page calls them Chicano rock, roots rock, Latin rock, Tex-Mex, Americana, heartland rock, and cowpunk. What is cowpunk? 

I felt like I should know Los Lobos from something but I didn’t remember what until I skimmed through the Wiki page. La Bama. The movie and the song. In 1987, Los Lobos covered Ritchie Valen’s La Bama for the movie La Bama. That has nothing to do with this album, which I didn’t care for. 

Side note: For some reason the first song on this album, Don’t Worry Baby, isn’t currently available on Apple Music. I had to track it down on YouTube to hear it.