454 Deaths

I didn’t know that Alice Cooper was a band before Alice Cooper was a person. I did know that Alice Cooper wasn’t Vincent Furnier’s birth name but I didn’t know that he was the front man for a band called Alice Cooper before he assumed the name and started a solo career in 1975. To this day he has to pay his former bandmates for usage of the name. Alice Cooper seems to also be the person responsible for the introduction of horror imagery to rock ’n roll.

But, let’s talk about the band called Alice Cooper and Love It To Death (Warner Bros., 1971). This would be the band’s first commercial success and it includes the teen-anthem I’m Eighteen, which was released before the album was recorded. The original album cover (pictured) features Cooper posed with his thumb protruding. Doesn’t look like a thumb, does it? Warner Bros. didn’t think so either and they replaced it with a censored version.

Mostly, it seems like your basic ‘70s rock to me. I like most of ‘70s rock. Most. I can’t say this is my favorite Cooper album but I haven’t listened to enough of them to really have a favorite Cooper album.