How to Take Down a Drone

A Kentucky man shot down a drone that was hovering over his backyard. We all new this was going to happen eventually. The man was arrested but not for the damage done to the drone. He was charged with criminal mischief and wanton endangerment. Basically, he was arrested for discharging a shotgun in a residential neighborhood. A similar case happened in California with one big difference. A drone, being flown over the operators parents’ farm was shot down by a neighbor. (Link)

I have an acquaintance that has a high end drone. I asked him what he thoughts about these cases. He wasn’t surprised that it had happened. He even said that he agreed with the man in Kentucky, just not in his method of taking down the drone. It seems that drones DO NOT handle water very well. They will drop from the sky like bricks when they come into contact with water, but the SD card will remain intact. If you shoot a drone with a shotgun, the SD card will be destroyed. 

Is this important? Yes. 

If the SD card is recoverable, police can see what the operator was filming while hovering next to your windows. This could lead to the operators arrest, plus you won’t get arrested for discharging a weapon.

So, yeah, just shot the thing down with a high pressure water nozzle on a hose.