419 Give Me a Reason to Love You

Portishead is the name of a town about 8 miles west of Bristol, England. It is also the name of a band that formed in Bristol in 1991. Dummy (Go! Discs, 1994) was their debut album.

Dummy was a success in the United States even before the band toured there. The singles you might be familiar with are Numb, Sour Times, and Glory Box. The album has been called the greatest trip hop album and a milestone in the genre. Trip hop, by the way, is “the more experimental variant of breakbeat which contained influences of soul, funk, and jazz,” (wiki). 

This is a great, great album. I might be a little biased on this one. I remember when it was released and loved in then and I think it has held up very well. I was amused with the shortness of the Buddy Holly album from the last entry. Well, Dummy clocks in at 50+ minutes with just 11 songs (12 for the Canadians).