422 The Ronettes

I think that The Ronettes could have been so much more if it weren’t for Phil Spector’s penis. They were an American R&B/pop girl group from NYC, Spanish Harlem to be exact. Be My Baby is the song you’ve probably heard. And, in the ‘80s Ronnie Spector sang the title line from Be My Baby for a song by Eddie Money. 

The Rosettes only had one album, Presentling the Fabulous Rosettes Featuring Veronica (Philles, 1964). Veronica Bennett would later become Ronnie Spector and marry Phil Spector, who may not have wanted Ronnie to become too popular because he had the hots for her. So, he refused to release future recordings that the group had done and by early 1967 the group was done. Ronnie Spector attempted to reform the Ronettes in 1974 after her divorce from Phil was finalized but the original singers weren’t interested. She continued on with replacements but it didn’t prove successful.

I didn’t care for the album much. The only song I liked was Be My Baby and that might be because I’ve heard it so many times.