Thoughts After Midnight

It's after midnight so now is the perfect time to copy all the data from my iMac to another drive or a cloud someplace. Apple emailed me some time ago to warn me that they had noticed a defect in the 3tb drives for iMacs. So, I get a new drive if I take it to the nearest authorized place, which happens to be 5ish miles away. Needless to say, I've put it off all summer because I like doing all my Adobe editing on The Big Mac in the house. I have a video and sound class starting the week after next so I need to get this taken care of now. So, I’ve made my list of software that I’ll have to reinstall and now I’m listening to Devo and waiting for files to finish moving. 

While I’m typing and waiting…

A few days ago, I got a message from an old friend, kind of, out of the blue. I was reminded, during the course of our chat, that I haven’t kept the digital media part of my site up-to-date since mom passed. So, I’ll be fixing that slowly. I’m not sure that I have many projects to post but I’ll check to see what’s missing and add as needed. I’m also starting some new ideas. Hopefully, that will lead to more activity on that section of the site. 

I’m not sure that I’m entirely happy with my current site host. I readily admit that it’s a plug-and-play type site that does most of the work for me but it doesn’t seem to be doing it that well. I have a recent post that had some pretty basic code in it that isn’t working. I new the site was new (weebly) when I started with it but I was hoping that it would grow into something cool and it’s just not moving as fast as I thought it would. I think I’m on the hook for another year with them which gives me more than enough time to find another site, or build my own. The last digital media class available for me is the web design course. Building my own site would be a great project for the course. hmmmm I have time to think about it as I won’t be able to take that until January. We’ll see. 

Devo is weird.