How Much is Organization Worth?

Last week I bit the bullet and downloaded an organization app on my iPad and iPhone. It’s pretty snazzy. I’ve been avoiding these kinds of apps for some time because, well, the iPhone does have a To-Do type app on it and I’m not 100% sure that I’m really all that busy. I’m retired from the military, I work part-time at a small family run business, and I take one class per semester at the college. Do I really need this thing? Maybe.

Turns out, I have a bunch of projects: a house full of my mother’s stuff, photography projects, sound projects, video projects, yard projects, a big trip for next summer to plan. I wasn’t even sure that I had much of a need for this app when I shelled out $40 for it. Then, I started typing all my projects into the app and the more I typed the more projects I remembered (sewing, craft room, take stuff to donation center, pets need shots, organizing rooms/closets) and how overwhelming it has all been and that why I haven’t done some of it. Seeing it all laid out in one place was kind of eye opening. I think I might actually be able to feel less daunted by some of it now. Maybe I’ll even get some of it done.

There has been one drawback. I mentioned that it was a $40 app for my iPad and iPhone. That doesn’t include the desktop version, which is a separate download and another $40. I’m not sure how organized I want to be.