Of Shadow and StoneOf Shadow and Stone by Michelle Muto
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book. Oh, wait, disclaimer: I received an advance copy of this book from the author.

Okay, I really enjoyed this book. Of Shadow and Stone is a paranormal thriller that mixes together all kinds of paranormal creatures. The gargoyles require a mortal sentinel to keep them in check and Kate Mercer, popular Hollywood actress, just might be the next sentinel. In the meantime, the gargoyles are going a bit overboard in dishing out justice. Personally, I think the identity thief got what they deserved but this is why I’m not being considered for the sentinel job.

The hub of all this paranormal activity is a castle called Shadow Wood and its keeper (leader/ruler) Declan. I want to know more about Declan. I want to know a lot more about Declan. I think there could be an entire book just about Declan and how he ended up in his current position. Shadow Wood seems to be a safe haven of sorts for paranormal creatures. Kate is drawn to the castle in dreams and evenly travels their (transports) to learn of her pending decision. Of course, back home chaos ensues with the ex-boyfriend that just wants another chance, or is it the ex-boyfriend making all the trouble?

There is a lot of detail packed into this book but none of it seemed out of place to me. It didn’t interfere with any of the action and I think it was actually there to add to the description of one of the other characters (I’m talking about the “magic” wardrobe, I want one btw). There were was at least one moment when Kate bugged me (no, if you don’t wanna go to the wrap party with the ex then you don’t go with him, you don’t just go along with things) but nothing requires me to like everything about every character and some important things did come out of that scene.

So, yeah, I really enjoyed this book. There’s a little romance (not trashy romance novel romance), a little paranormal, and a thrilling ending.

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