Looking Back


Part of me wants to say that it was a really shitty year, but it wasn’t. At least not entirely.

The year rolled in with Mom at home. We were working through all her physical therapy and arranging the house so that she could get around when she was in her wheel chair. I took a couple of cycling trips with the WWP to Jacksonville. By the beginning of April, Mom was walking and had driven a few times. We were looking forward and planning some short trips to prep for bigger trips. We bought a big new SUV that could be customized with adaptive equipment and was more comfortable for Mom.

Then she had a massive stroke and didn’t recover.


That made the year shitty.

But other stuff happened. In June, I went on a year long planned cycling trip with Trek Travel to the California wine country. I got a part time job in a Trek shop! My video and sound class was a lot of fun and I landed a second job in social media because of that class. I made a mini documentary that was shown on a big screen at our local drive-in as part of student film night. My professor took me to sit in on a graduate level class at UF. My nephew got married in November and because I went to that I got to see a good friend that I hadn't seen in far too long.

I learned tons of stuff this year. So many things that I'm not sure I could list them all here. Some of them are things that I never really wanted to learn. Things like, you don't always know that the AC has a leak until the bill goes through the roof. Freon is expensive. Yards are pretty when they belong to other people and I don't have to mow them. I hate shrubbery that grows quickly and wildly. Gravity works very well when I bring my bicycle to a complete stop but don't unclip. My mom kept a lot of weird things and I have no idea why. The makers of my favorite moisturizers, Lancôme, are cool with doing bad things to bunnies.

Okay, I kind of knew that last one but, for some reason, it has just struck me that I should do more to let them know that I'm not okay with having bad things done to bunnies.

So, yeah, one massive sucky thing happened. But lots of little good things happened to keep me going.

I suppose I'm ready for 2016.