398 The Band Has Legs

ZZ Top. An American bluesy rock band formed in Houston, Texas in 1969. Houston. Texas. Are there many other rock bands from Texas? Also of note, they’ve had the same lineup for about 40 years.

Eliminator (Warner Bros., 1983) is ZZ Top’s eighth studio album. It has all the songs you remember from the ‘80s: ‘Gimmie All Your Lovin,’ ‘Got Me Under Pressure,’ ‘Sharp Dressed Man,’ and ‘Legs.’ Eliminator has been the band’s most popular release and, also, received critical acclaim. I have to mention the custom 1933 Ford on the cover and in all the videos. Awesome car.

I don’t think I’ve ever listen to the entire album before and I had a little bit of a wtf moment while I was listening to it. All of the songs sound similar. At least, the songs that I had never heard before sounded similar to the hits from the album. There’s a lot of bands out there that write the same song over and over. I don’t know that ZZ Top is one of those bands as I’ve not listened to all of there music. But, on this album, they did. Or someone did, as there seems to be some kind of dispute about who wrote what.