397 The Album that was Trip Hop Before Trip Hop was a Thing

Massive Attack is an English “trip hop” group formed in 1988 in Bristol. I have no idea what trip hop means. They’ve won a bunch of awards over the years, including a Brit Award, a couple MTV Europe Music Awards and something called a Q Award (two actually).

Blue Lines (Virgin, 1991) was their debut album. It is generally considered the first trip hop album. It reached number 13 on the UK Albums Chart.

I admit that sometimes I listen to these albums while doing other things. Occasionally, this means I have to give it another listen, either because I was concentrating too much on something else or because holy fuck this is amazing and I need to pay attention. I needed to work while I was listening to this album. I was behind on some editing and really needed to catch up. Unfortunately, this drivel was far to distracting in a “wtf is this” kind of way.