407 London Not Calling

Yay! More punk, sort of. 

I was kind of dreading this one, especially when I saw that it clocks in at almost 2.5 hours. I have heard some songs from the Clash, mostly their most famous stuff like London Calling and Rock the Casbah. Neither of those songs are on this triple-LP set.

Sandinista! is the fourth studio album by the Clash and the band moved away from strictly punk music. This album moved toward, or maybe started the move towards, world music. There is a bunch of different stuff here. Apparently, the Clash liked to trick their record label and they might have done that in order to get this album out. Or, they gave up some royalties, there’s a little bit of a debate about it.

I will say that I did like some of it. Not all of it, but some of it.