I'm Not So Sure About This No Bra Day Thing

So, October 13th has become known as No Bra Day across the land and, possibly, around the world. But why? I mean it. Why? Don’t say, “To raise awareness for breast cancer!” Are you sure about that? 

I’d like to think so, too. 

No Bra Day isn’t something that I’ve given much thought since I first saw it all the way back in 2011, and the only thing I thought then was, “Why is this in July?” (Yes, July. I’ll get to that later.) Then I thought no more about it until I saw this on Facebook:

Wait, what? How does me not wearing a bra show support to people that HAVE to wear a bra. Shouldn’t I, maybe, don every bra I own? Wear one on top of my shirt? Or maybe these great ideas:

So, I did the logical thing and headed over to Twitter where #NoBraDay was trending. One click on the hashtag and, I found that mostly people want to sexualize the day or think it’s utter bullshit.

I tend to agree with the ones that think it’s total bullshit. I went back to Facebook. Facebook seemed confused, too:

Okay, that last one, hits the nail on the head. Here’s my perfectly healthy breast free from their bra because you can’t do this.

All of this made me curious. Where the hell did this day come from and why is this a thing? So, I did some clicking around and found mostly nothing. No one knows where this day came from or who started it. This article reports that it might have been breast cancer advocates. This article thinks the entire thing might be a jokeHere’s two articles suggesting that it is just sexualizing breast cancer.

And then there is this website, which may or may not work for you. While I was working on this post, I was greeted by this when I tried to bring up the page:

Used up it’s monthly bandwidth? I’ve had several websites. At least two of them were hosted on free sites. I didn’t have a monthly bandwidth limit. Wtf is this? Don’t worry, I had screen capped it earlier. This is what the main page looks like:

Please note that the write up says nothing about breast cancer until the very bottom, and then it’s only mentioned in passing. The page has a copyright mark at the bottom dated 2011 and you’ll note the July 9th date of celebration. There does not seem to have been any updates to the page since 2011. There is a Facebook event page here. You might notice that the write up is exactly the same as from the website right down to the July 9th date.

I think someone, somewhere, can’t believe their joke has turned into an annual event. 

While I was researching No Bra Day I found this on Facebook:

Metastatic Breast Cancer Day. Never heard of it, have you? Me, neither. I’ve thrown a lot of links at you and if you only click on one of them, make it this one. Bottom line: metastatic breast cancer kills 110 people per day. It doesn’t need it’s thunder stolen by a cheap joke to get women to post pics of their breast on the internet. 

I’m not going to tell you not to participate in next year’s no bra day. I wish that you wouldn’t but free country. Please, at least, do your own research. If you find something that clears this mess up, please share it with me. Perhaps your Google Fu is better than mine.

P.S. I did not looking to the little thing about Susan G. Komen mentioned in that last picture. I have, recently, heard bad things about their practices but, again, research before you donate to ANY charity.