Shadow Force

Shadow Force - The Garden PlanetShadow Force - The Garden Planet by J.R. O'Neill
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars

Disclaimer: I received my copy of this book from the author in return for a review.

I didn’t know anything about this book when I received it, and I was quite please with the pace and action. Jon Rider is a former soldier turned bounty hunter for Space Force, and he is the best in the business. He was tracking down the slippery Max Decker when he gets called off the case to help save Earth and possibly the entire solar system.

Rider and two others are sent out to infiltrate a terrorist organization and try to get their hands on a weapon of mass destruction. All of them are the best at their trades and each one brings a past that they must come to terms with to accomplish the mission. They head out with the best ship and unlimited resources to promptly start a few international (galactic?) incidents, do some spying, save some slaves, and maybe complete their intended mission.

Overall, I enjoyed to story and I look forward to the next installment. My only concerns are with character development and editing. The characters do come across a little under developed, the story does make up for this but I found myself thinking that they were a predictable. The book is in need of an editor. I found myself getting tripped up over a lack of punctuation a few times. I would have rated it higher if the editing had been better.

I recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a good, fast-paced, action story.

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