Lists and Goals

Ugh. It's end of year list time. Everyone is making lists of the best of the best for 2014 and already putting out list of what I should be looking forward to next year. Blah. I'm not sure that I really care who thinks such and such is the best book of the year. 

I'm not going to give you a list of I what I thought were the best books of the year. On January 1, I'll give you a list of everything that I read in 2014. I won't even put it in rating order. Just a list. Maybe in order of date finished. Sounds good?

It's 2015 goal setting time, too. Book Riot has already published their arguments for and against the Goodreads challenge. I use the Goodreads challenge app every year. Mostly because it's an easy way to track what I've read, with some stats, without going crazy over a spreadsheet. Do I make goals for the year? Sure. 

In 2015 I'd like to have fewer books on the Currently Reading shelf. So, first I'll clear that thing out by either finishing the books on it or remove books that I'm really just never going to finish. This doesn't mean that I won't start new books. I've gotten pretty good at this audiobook thing and I want to get caught up on and stay current on the Riot Reads. I really like this program.

Then there is the annual promise to read down my TBR pile(s). I'm not a big book keeper so almost everything in my house needs to be read. Every year I promise to try harder to read some of the books that have been around the longest. I almost always fail but maybe if I read down the Currently Reading pile maybe that will help. Also, I'm only taking two classes next semester. Art classes. No book required. So, maybe I'll have more time. Maybe. 

Time. Who has it? My mom is home now but that hasn't freed up as much time. For now, at least I take her to PT/OT three times a week, which gives me two hours to sit and read or whatever. I also shuttle her to all her doctors appointments for now. This won't always be the case. As she gets better with her prosthetic leg, she won't need me to play nurse/chauffeur. We still have a lot to do around the house but house stuff is always getting in the way of reading time, right?